We are OrangeGames. We create and publish games!

What is OrangeGames?

OrangeGames is a developer and publisher of gaming content. We have offices in the Netherlands and Turkey. The company was founded through the merger of KeyGames Network, Gemblygames and Youdagames.

OrangeGames is divided across different product ranges and brands, including, Stratego, Governor of Poker and All products are available on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Triodor Software

Triodor Software is the brother of OrangeGames, so to speak, and provides support in various areas. Triodor Software is an international software development company providing high-quality services and solutions. Triodor’s head office is in Amsterdam, and the company also has an R&D office in Istanbul, as well as offices in Leersum (the Netherlands) and Michigan (USA).

Triodor Software counts more than 200 employees covering diverse fields and specialisations, and has set up partnerships with many other companies in the fields of both business and technology. Triodor is also a partner in a number of joint ventures and startups.

Umut Akpinar

CEO & Founder

Joost Merks

Business Development

Erik Banken

Head of Products

Jordi Knol

Backend Developer

Ted Maas


Kelly Engels


Mark Kremers

Solution Architect

Ronald Kuyn


Alexander Arends

Game Developer

Mark Pauwels

Content Manager

Atilla Aytekin

CEO & Founder

Metin Güçer

Board Member

Jurriaan Van Teunenbroek

Head of Products

David Guyon

Back-end Developer

Daan Boekestein

Head of Products

Robbert Oomens

Head of Products

Marcel Pordon

Product Owner

Robbert Hesp

Partnership Manager

Dennis Korf

Product Owner

Arthur Hulsman

Front-end Developer

Lorenzo de Carlo

Game Licensing Manager

Mick Moolhuijsen

Game Artist

Mikel Bitter

Art Director

Jochin van Vliet

Game Developer

Ilona Kostelijk

Game Developer

Ale Bles

Game Developer

Gerrit Procee

Game Developer

Gerben Papo

Scrum Master / Developer

Apollo Meijer

Game Developer

Richard van der Meulen

Game Developer

Annabelle Dijkhof

Game Developer

Bart Smallenburg

Back-end Developer

Zekayi Ince

Data Analyst & Trafficker

Wojtek Przedzimirski

Back-end Developer

Ashley Warren

Agile tester / Scrum Master

Maaike Hamming

Partnership Manager

Anne van Bergen

Customer Care

Esther Derksen

Customer Care

Esra Altunkaya

Content Editor

Kaan Gürler

Portal Manager

Filiz Han

HR / Business Development Manager

Özgül Demir

Content Editor


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